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Rebekah Brown learned the basics of design as a child in her family’s cabinetry boutique. She has fond memories of tagging along to job sites as her father checked on installations. At a very young age, she was sketching out redesigns of her bedroom. Soon, her parents were coming home to reupholstered furniture and reorganized shelves. Rebekah has always found herself inspired by a fresh look and the challenge of improving functionality.

With a bachelor's degree in Interior Design and a wealth of experience, Rebekah’s designs can now be found all over from New York City penthouses to Atlanta farmhouses and Tel Aviv beach houses. She has practiced interior design at every level: residential interior design, commercial design, renovation, styling, staging, custom furniture design, bedding, and drapery design, floral arranging, paint consultations, and lighting design. Her projects vary in size and scale—from nursery design to full townhouse renovation. Rebekah’s work has been featured on HGTV’s “Selling New York” and “Million Dollar Listing: New York.”

As an established designer, Rebekah is now offering her expertise via e-design services. She offers professional consultations to clients across the globe at their convenience. 

While Rebekah’s work is aesthetic in nature, it is the spiritual element that sets her apart as a designer. “Rejuvenating Your Home & Life” is her motto and promise. She believes that a person’s home environment has a profound impact on their well-being. Rebekah’s purpose is to examine her client’s needs and desires to create a home that brings balance, comfort and joy to their life.

"I am super passionate about 'Rejuvenating Peoples Home and Life' which is my motto. I know that design, organization, and function as well as connection within, bring balance and harmony to people's lives."

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