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My "Manifesting Love" Story

"Are  you wondering where the heck your soulmate is, or maybe you’re so frustrated that you don’t even want to look or try anymore! I want you to know that I hear you and I feel you! And I am here to tell you that it is absolutely possible and meant for you!
And the power all starts in your hands."
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After many requests I am finally sharing my story

in hopes to empower you! 





Everyone deserves to have a beautiful, meaningful, inspirational, passionate, tender, respectful,

valued and committed love. Not only do you deserve it but it is your birthright! Your Creator wants this for you.

He made you this way. Genesis 2:18 “The Creator said, It is not good for man to be alone,

I will make him a helpmate” 


So if that’s the case then you might ask, “Well Rebekah, then why the heck is it so hard to find this kind of love?” 

I asked the same question over and over. And not only that question but every time I thought I found meaningful love, why didn’t it last? 


I thought of myself as a good girl, spiritual, with values, not bad looking, fun to hang out with, socialite, always inspiring and positive, hosting dinners and events etc. going to make a great wife and mother everyone would tell me. No one understood why I wasn’t married  including myself. I saw friends that didn’t even want to get married find love as well as people of all ages getting married with beautiful love. So obviously I was doing something wrong,

I obviously didn’t get the memo how to attract and keep love. 


I decided to make it a priority in my life. To quit saying “Oh if it’s meant to be it will be”. “In the Right timing” Right? Anyone else say that too? Well Darling, Im here to tell you,

It is meant to be and the power is in your hands! 


At this time in life I had learned that our wise sages tell us “we MERIT our soulmate”

and that “everything depends on whether a persons actions have been meritorious or not.” 

I also looked at this word as "Manifest". Like being a co-creator with the Creator. 


Once I learned this, It took me down a path of more committed and consistent meditations and prayers as well as focusing on more kind deeds to others. I visited many holy places and sincerely pleaded to be shown what I needed to do in order to be granted my soulmate.


At this time I received great insight. I realized that maybe I need to change my prayers a bit. Maybe they were too selfish and only thinking of me and not my beloved. What if he was the one needing help or healing? What if he was going through great distress and needed to work on things to merit me? I asked to please be shown a vision of him so I could see and feel he’s real. So I could see if he needed my prayers and help. I received a vision of a man from the back, sitting at a table studying and wearing a blue polo shirt. (Important Note: I didn’t like polo shirts! haha). At this point, I changed my prayers and meditations on his needs, sending him lots of energy of love and encouragement.

I prayed for his wellbeing and strength to do what he needed to do to merit me. 


Around the same time, I had a mentor  that explained to me that if I wanted to have something, then I needed a vessel to contain it. Just like if you want a drink you need a cup to hold it, if you go grocery shopping you need a basket to hold your items, otherwise, they are all already there, just not contained in your hands!

I received specific exercises and practical tools how to make space and create a container for my beloved.

I started to see that I had absolutely no container or room for love! My life was completely booked!

I was super social and involved and always the one to bring people and events together.

I realized that I didn’t have any room for what I was truly wanting to call in.

I thought that was the only way to stay busy and also meet someone right? Wrong.

Once I started doing some of these exercises and tools to clear out unnecessary internal clutter

and make room for divine space and order, a vessel that is open and ready for love,

that’s when I started getting true answers. 




You see there is love all around and people meeting their beloveds everyday!

It doesn’t matter if you think you’re pretty enough or fit enough or young enough etc. You just need to

Know that you are already enough!


Love belongs to you as the Creator says in Genesis 2:18. Just like there is electricity flowing through your walls,

you don’t see it unless you give it a vessel, the lightbulb. Doesn’t mean it’s not there, just needs a bulb to be collected and seen. So I realized in order for me to “merit” or manifest my beloved, I needed to create a vessel

for this love to be held. There is so much work I did in order to create and maintain this vessel.

However be encouraged that just because it was a lot of work, does not mean it took a long time! It just needs to become a habit, a way of life, for me it was about a couple of months of internal work before it became habit and I saw tremendous changes. In order for me to at least summarize my exercises and tools

I came up with this 7 step process for you...


  1. Very clear understanding of who you are, what are and what it is that you want.

  2. Connecting with the source of all things.

  3. Get emotional! And not in a bad way but through visualizing exactly what you want and feel the pure love and joyful emotion behind it, the most important technique that completely changes your vibrational frequency. 

  4. Expand your capacity to receive by creating a vessel that can contain it.

  5. Overcoming resistance, fear, doubt self sabotage etc. Clear it out!

  6. Calling in the higher version of yourself, how would I think, act, talk, etc. if I had my beloved.  

  7. Getting comfortable with uncertainty and surrendering to the process and love. 


After making these 7 tools an actual habit and part of my daily toolkit for life, I had this strong, very strong urge to move to Israel. Everyone that knows me, knows I had this desire for a long time but I always wanted to wait until I was married or had enough money to afford to move to Israel, maybe in retirement or something. But this urge was real and felt like “now is the time”. It was so inconvenient and completely illogical! I didn’t have enough money, how could I restart my life and my career in a new country and a new language and at age 41?! This was insane! But because of these tools and new habits I knew I didn’t have a choice. I didn’t know how or when and had so many

what ifs, I just knew I had to listen to it and stop making excuses. So before I could change my mind and without even knowing how, I signed up with Nefesh B'Nefesh, an organization that helps Jews move to Israel and received an acceptance letter a few weeks later! I’ll never forget the feeling! I was so excited but at the same time was like ok, how in Gods great earth am I going to do this?! I kept using my daily toolkit tools and staying focused but open.

I just surrendered to the process and not knowing with my “material 5 senses” or “3D reality”

how this was all going to happen. 


I gave Nefesh B'Nefesh a moving date and my plane ticket was granted from them. Over the next few months everything tried to stop me. I finally received not just one but several dream job offers, an apartment available and in my budget in my favorite neighborhood in NYC that I had been looking for years for, and more! I’m sure it was because of all my new habits and tools that I was manifesting these things in the first place. But I stood strong by my decision, because I already had that knowing inside of me that I promised to stop ignoring. Even though it was totally inconvenient and illogical, I stayed focused!


I can’t even begin to tell you all the miracle stories that happened in order for me to move to Israel, find a home and

get all my things including my sweet cat Momo moved in and settled. Miracles! 

Everything just somehow worked out so easily and flowed so gracefully! I had even heard horror stories unfortunately of movers and landlords etc but I had all angels! Even new friends in Israel that helped me with so many things, finding an apartment and helping me sign a lease without even an Israeli bank act, another let me barrow money for a huge deposit because my money wasn’t transferred yet and so much more!

It was like everything was in total alignment for my purpose. 


I now had only been in Israel for one month and was invited to a party up north but couldn’t make the trip with the friend that invited me. Another friend and neighbor (and someone I was actually interested in :) invited me to another party instead at our local synagogue 2 blocks away so I joined him there. I hadn’t been there but 5 minutes out on the front steps of the synagogue and was approached by a charming man (little did I know, soon to be husband:) He was wearing a polo shirt (remember I didn’t  like polo shirts haha) and besides I was already interested in this other guy. We talked a bit and I realized he could possibly help me with some things in business so we exchanged numbers. But I thought "this guy has some chutzpah doesn’t he see I’m here with another guy?" Long story short we didn’t even start dating until a few months later because I still had up blockages, things that I thought had to be a certain way or look a certain way and my attention was somewhere else etc. But when we kept meeting and things he would say or do triggered my memory of all the clarity work I did back in NYC on what it was that I wanted in my beloved.

As soon as I surrendered to that, I gave it a chance and fell completely in love! We got engaged 8 months later and married 6 months after that. And as a very important side note for you, he desperately needed my prayers

around the time that I had that vision and started praying for him instead of myself! 

I will add that he has polo shirts in every color and I love them now! :) 

So you see, It only took me making the first step in faith, or MASSIVE LEAP in faith rather. : ) First to move across the world and then to give this relationship a chance once I finally paused and saw he had the signs of my beloved.

And the Creator and His great universe took it from there! 


Once I did the work, deep work inside, made these tools my habits and acted on pure belief and from a place of KNOWING, then was the Creator able to do the rest and make it flow easy, because I had created the vessel and had a place to pour blessings to. Just like the Israelites took their first leap of faith into the the Red Sea, only then did the Creator part the sea for them to cross. And I truly feel a sea was parted for me but I had to

show I was ready to cross. 


If you’re reading this story and feeling the same way I was, wondering what are you doing wrong, why is everyone else getting love except for you. I feel you, I see you! And I am here to tell you, I promise you that you

Can have love!

The Creator wants that for you, the universe wants that for you. And don’t forget, your beloved is out there and deserves you too! You both deserve to find each other! Make it a priority and don’t give up!

You both are worth it I promise! 


If you want to hear more about the 7 tools I used and a little more in depth

of what those tools actually look like on a day to day basis,

I am hosting a 7 week challenge called "Merit & Manifest Your Love."

We will cover one tool a week with daily exercises

to get your container vessel up and open for receiving all the blessings the Creator has for you.

That’s 49 exercises for 49 days for $49!


"Merit & Manifest Love Now"

also clickable box below, to see all the details.

I still use these same tools to grow my love and relationship to greater levels

as well as manifest all new things in my life. 


Thank you so much for allowing me to share my story with you.

Wishing you all an open heart and mind to receive truth and strength to take the leap into your purpose.

You so deserve it and I promise you it’s worth it!  


Always remember, You are the co-designer of your life!

And together with God and His great universe’s help,

You can design it anyway you like! 




Praying for you always! 

Love, Rebekah

“Make room for love and it always comes,
Make a nest for love and it always settles,
Make a home for the beloved
and he will find his way there!”  
~ Marianne Williamson 
"Merit & Manifest Love Now"
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