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What Will I learn?
Get to know yourself and become a magnet for love and everything you desire
Understanding of how to connect to the source of all things and practical tools to do so
Knowledge & science on vibrational frequency & thoughts and how to leap your life to a greater frequency 
Creating and maintaining a vessel that is up and ready for love and anything you desire
Clearing out all the clutter that is keeping you from your love and desires
Calling in that version of yourself in your greatest dreams and your love to the here and now
Understanding how to surrender and let love in
49 Day Merit & Manifest Love
Online Challenge 
Application Form

Admission fee for this course is $49

Thanks for submitting!

The Process
This is a 7 week process
Access to the PRIVATE Facebook Support Group
as well as online membership portal
Weekly videos with 7 exercises for each week
I will host weekly "facebook lives" in the private facebook group to answer any questions and give support and encouragement. 
Lifetime access to all the videos and exercises as well as friendship and encouragement forever! :) 
Praying for you
Love, Rebekah
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