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A Time To Celebrate!

December has always been one of my favorite months, with all the energy in the air especially in my favorite New York City, gratitude in peoples hearts, sending of cards, gifts and appreciation to family, friends and colleagues. Wrapping up the year and planning the next has always been something I look forward to doing. Taking the time to be still for a minute in our busy lives, reflect and be conscious of our past in order to make a better future.

Looking back on 2018, I feel very proud. Not because I accomplished all my goals, but because I kept my word to myself in the things that were most important to me that too often got neglected. And I've found that no matter what the cost was in keeping my word in priorities that were most important to me, other areas of my life, the areas I utilized the majority of my time chasing after while neglecting my true priorities, were then also embellished in greater ways than I could ever imagine possible.

We often hear "Listen To The Still Small Voice" but the problem is its usually so still and small that we don't hear it unless we make the effort in each and every one of our busy days to be still and hear it. We often don't act on it because its usually is the most difficult or illogical route to take. But where the route is the most difficult, the reward is the greatest and thats usually where all your answers are.

This year I committed to accomplishing a longtime desire and goal of mine that didn't seem logical or possible. I relocated myself and my business headquarters to Tel Aviv. Even when I made the decision to take that step, I went through so many challenges. Even opportunities and dream jobs knocked on my door that I had been praying for a while for. I stayed committed, quit neglecting that goal and stood firm in my decision no matter how difficult or illogical it seemed. Because I took the time everyday to be still in my super busy life and hear that still small voice, it wasn't so still and small anymore. It was loud and clear and gave me strength to stay focused and committed.

Today as I sit by the beautiful Mediterranean sea and watch the most gorgeous sunsets every night, I look back on 2018 with so much gratitude in my heart. Not only for growing in my awareness, consciousness and strength to stay committed to whats most important to me but also for all of life's little gifts that are given in doing so! I encourage you to stay committed to whats important and you will see that everything you have been chasing will find you instead!

A time to celebrate! Celebrating all the benefits of staying committed to that still small voice, relocation to Tel Aviv, launching of my new and rejuvenated website and services offering inspiration and rejuvenation to all, and finally, celebrating so much more of life's little gifts that I hope to share with you in the very near future.

Make it a Happy and Committed 2019 and may all your dreams come true!

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