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Balanced & Beautiful Home

I believe that everyone deserves a balanced and beautiful home! Home is where we wake up and start our day, prepare our nourishment, spend time with loved ones, invite our friends over for dinner and cocktails, have intimate conversations and experiences, learn, grow, cook, make love, create, relax and unwind. Your home should inspire and invigorate you. It should make life easier for you by being functional according to your needs. Too often I find people

running away from their homes instead of utilizing the space and energy that can be built there. I am super passionate about “Rejuvenating Peoples Home and Life” which is my slogan. I know that decoration, design, organization and function as well as connection within, bring balance and harmony to peoples lives. I like to Inspire people to be conscious creators and truly help them refresh, rejuvenate and reinvigorate their environment and that all starts at home.

This is why I started my blog Redecore8 Rejuvenate Reinvigorate, to promote “Conscious Living”. If we are aware of our surroundings and choices, we spark consciousness in everything we do and energize it, ourselves, our homes and our lives. Change and redecoration is key. “We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves: otherwise we harden.” by: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

I am not only an Interior Designer but more of a “creator”, not just of interiors but of consciousness, and your consciousness creates your balance in your home and in your life. My blog is here to create this in people so they can be a DIY designer for themselves. You too deserve a balanced and beautiful home and life and I am here to help you!

Rebekah Brown

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