Coronavirus Sending us a Message?

This morning's meditations

on the beach stirred some

thoughts I wanted to share.

They say everything happens

for a reason. And sometimes

it’s so hard to see a reason

when there is so much suffering

involved. So many deaths

and sickness, companies and

people at a huge financial loss etc.

What could be the “reason”

for such a virus we didn’t create?

Or did we?

Well this is the 3rd time

this has happened in less

than 20 years, with SARS

coming from the exact same

region and MERS from the

Middle East. I‘ll just state some

facts below and let you make

your own opinion if you receive

your own message.

These viruses are linked to

“Wet Markets” ~ a market

where fish poultry and animals

are slaughtered and butchered

on the premises. Diseases that

jump from animals to humans

pinpoint the wet markets in

mainland China as particularly

problematic for several reasons.

First, these markets often have

many different kinds of animals,

some wild, some domesticated

but not necessarily native to

that part of Asia. I have researched

and seen pictures of precious

animals including dogs in

tight cages watching and

waiting to be slaughtered.

I won’t post those pictures here.

The stress of captivity in these

chaotic markets weakens the

animals' immune systems

and creates an environment

where viruses from different

species can mingle, swap

bits of their genetic code

and spread from one species

to another, according to

biologist Kevin Olival, vice

president for research at

the EcoHealth Alliance.

When that happens, occasionally

a new strain of an animal

virus gets a foothold in

humans and an outbreak

like this current coronavirus erupts.

Do we have such an enormous

appetite for animals that we

have lost our humanity in

proper care and slaughter

of animals? Have we become

animals to eat animals?

Please ask yourself this question

and if it bothers you,

do something about it.

If you are not part of the

solution you are part of the

problem. Start with caring

and knowing what you’re

eating, how it’s cared for

and where it’s from.

You are what you eat and

you definitely don’t need

all the stress and hormones

(and disease) of the

animal you just ate.

The message I received

is that we are getting a

global message, over and

over again, to be a little

more humane with animals

and conscious of what we

put into our bodies.

In the meantime, be careful

during this time, stay away

from large crowds for now,

keep antibacterial wetwipes

with you and clean your hands

and phones regularly.

No touching your face, rubbing

eyes, nose or mouth without

thoroughly washed hands.

Sending lots of prayers

and good energy to all

those in need.

Let’s work together at

rejuvenating ourselves to

rejuvenate our world.

Always remember,

You are the co designer

Of your life! And with God

And His great universes help,

You can absolutely design it

Anyway you like!

Keep Designing

Praying for you always

Love, Rebekah


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